Bespoke Furniture Coffee Table
acrylic coffee table and bench (click here for slideshow)
acrylic is great for designing objects such as coffee tables as it has a very high transparency rate making it clearer than glass, a glass coffee table with the same thickness would have a green tint, although acrylic is considerably more expensive than glass
Bespoke Furniture Wardrobe
bespoke tv unit
wow it always amazes me how this side board makes the 42" tv in these pictures look so small, i suppose it was 4 meters long, crafted by andea felice with a smooth sliding door system that could be opened with a slight flick of the wrist to reveal the extensive audio and gaming equipment hidden behind
Bespoke Furniture Shelving
walnut and gloss shelving
adding a little colour to wood helps accentuate the warm grain and texture of wood bringing it to life and adding a little of your chosen detail colour to the divides
Bespoke Furniture Walnut
walnut bar and tv unit
andrea has used the book match veneers to great effect on these bar doors
ply kitchen
we love a challenge and trying out different materials, this kitchen was that it was in a housing scheme designed by eric lyons for span, the clients wanted to have the kitchen built with birch plywood to keep in eric's ethos, the trick was that even though it was a relatively same kitchen they wanted loads of storage, wayne's design fitted all they wanted and more with a clever use of space and it was then finely crafted and installed by andrea felice (click on the picture to see a slideshow of more kitchens in Flickr)
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