block lamp
block lamp is a beautiful floor standing lamp, created or rather inspired by the necessity to make the most of every piece of wood that is used, it is made from the off cuts of solid oak found on the craftsman's floor and then stained different colours to give its eye catching affect
max's first go-cart
this go-cart was a prototype wayne designed and made for his young son in 2008, inspired by the ones our father made for us when we were younger, keeping in the tradition of carting with rope assisted steering similar to the one wayne used to win our local go-carting derby in the 80's
is the first in many of the sculptures wayne is working on at the moment, his love for using wire as a material came from growing up in africa, where it is widely used in art, sculpture and making toys
log bench
wayne built a new bench for his garden, simple but effective like all good design, he constantly looks at objects differently always thinking of a function and then taking it one step further
max 1
on max's walk to nursery school wayne and him would collect bits and pieces along the way so max could be part of building his own sculpture to remind him of those days, now he proudly has it mounted on his window sill
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