Bespoke Furniture Coffee Table
max11 - glass and metal coffee table
the max 11 coffee table was designed for the polish lifestyle brand dller, sleek and modern this stunning table has been well received in warsaw for it's clean look and feel, as the creative director for dller wayne has designed many pieces for them and continues to work closely with the dller craftsman, there is more examples below.
Bespoke Furniture Wardrobe
max 04 - tv/audio unit
i really like this unit it's so slick with a lovely combination of solid oak with the sprayed gloss white doors.
Bespoke Furniture Shelving
max 11 - low bed
this oak bed for dller has turned out to be a real winner, nearly the top seller in their polish showrooms.
Bespoke Furniture Walnut
max 19 - bed sides
these were designed to compliment the simple elegance of the max 18, once again the use of solid oak this time stained chocolate brown with white sprayed door fronts.
max 20 - 4 drawer chest
the 4 drawer chest part of the max bedroom collection